Food for the soul

July 1, 2015

I just bought another cd of Ludovico Einaudi, my favourite musician of all time. And I realised again that a lot of my money is spend on books and music. People spend money on all kinds of things: a house, a car, traveling. Sometimes I feel bad about spending a lot of money, but I do feel good about the fact that it’s spend for a big part on two sources of inspiration. Books and music are a good investment I think, since they can inspire you and teach you new things. In my last blogpost, about two months ago,... View Article

Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach

May 9, 2015

Wherever you are in life, there are ups and downs. Some days are simply better than others. A big drawback of social media is that it looks like everybody is having a great life and that everyday is totally awesome. Don’t be mislead by that. Everyone has days that are not nice. We just don’t put them online so quickly. This week had a couple of those days for me again. While I’ve learned for a big part to just accept that those days come and go, it can still be challenging sometimes. Whenever you go through some tough days,... View Article

Just be

April 21, 2015

Most of the time I’m just a happy guy, enjoying life, but from time to time my head gets stuck with the bigger questions. Why are we here? What is the point? Where am I going in life? It’s hard to find answers to those questions and if you don’t watch out, it’s easy to let them get you down. Some time ago I was struggling with those kind of thoughts again and I didn’t get out of it. I shortly prayed for an answer and suddenly got a clear thought in my mind: Just be. Those two words hit... View Article

Where are you going?

April 14, 2015

From time to time I like to go to a cafe or restaurant, order a drink and take time to write in one of my notebooks. Besides just writing down my thoughts and ideas, I also like grab a list of interesting questions from the internet and answer those. Last weekend I stumbled upon an question that made me think for a while: “Where will I be in 5 years if I keep heading in this direction?” Although I’m strongly believe in living in the moment and living now, I think it’s also good to stand still some time and... View Article

Be happy because you don’t know

April 9, 2015

Recently I read some books about living in the moment and being present. While that might sound vague to you – it would have sound vague to me a couple of years ago – , I actually learned some very practical things from it to be happier. One of the main keys I learned is to accept the fact that you don’t know it. Let me explain. When I look around I see that many people either think back a lot about the past or worry about the future. Weather you think that some things should have gone different or... View Article

Get an extra day in 2015

March 31, 2015

Would you like to have an extra day this year? What would you do with it? Of course there are only 365 days this year, but there is a way that you could have one more. Curious how? Read on. Yesterday I read an interesting article about how reading helps you becoming successful. One sentence that stood out for me was this one: “Readers realize that 5 wasted minutes every day over the course of a year is more than an entire 24 hours wasted that could have been spent reading.” A simple calculation proved that was right (5 *... View Article

The importance of writing things down

March 23, 2015

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a lot on your mind. When your head is filled with the things you have to do this week, the people you need to call and the groceries for tonight, there is less space for other, more creative thoughts. A friend of mine compared it to a vase that you can fill with rocks. If you first fill it with a lot of little rocks, there is no space anymore for the bigger rocks (your goals in life). So, it’s important to get rid of the little rocks, to make space for... View Article

Get motivated with

March 20, 2015

Although some people call me Mr. Spontaneous and I love impulsive plans, I also value some daily routine and good habits, like daily exercises, writing a journal and cooking dinner. Keeping a handful of good habits give a good basis for every day. In the past months I’ve tried several apps to help me keep my habits, but it was only last week that I finally tried the app and website What makes this app different is that there is a community behind it. You can join a habit with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people that can share tips... View Article

Waking up early

March 16, 2015

Let me start by saying that I have respect for people that have a blog for years and keep writing continuously. For me it’s always been short periods of writing after which I was distracted by more important things again. It’s been almost a year since my last post and it makes me feel a bit sad that I’ve left it like that. But like with many things in life, it’s never too late to start over, so here is another one. Regularly I read articles from people that wake up really early in the morning and about how much... View Article

Never stop learning

June 18, 2014

I don’t think I’ve ever been a traditional learner. In high school I didn’t pay too much attention in class, since most of the time I was playing on the computer and learning to build my first websites. My motto in high school was that a C was enough and my priority was to spend as much time on the computer as possible. That continued in college, when I started my own webdevelopment business in the second year. Sometimes I wonder if I should have payed more attention to classes back then, but I know that if I had, I... View Article