Be happy because you don’t know

April 9, 2015

Recently I read some books about living in the moment and being present. While that might sound vague to you – it would have sound vague to me a couple of years ago – , I actually learned some very practical things from it to be happier.

One of the main keys I learned is to accept the fact that you don’t know it. Let me explain. When I look around I see that many people either think back a lot about the past or worry about the future. Weather you think that some things should have gone different or you worry a lot about what might happen (myself included). In both cases you often don’t know if what you are thinking about is completely true.

For example, you might be sad or angry because you missed a train or flight. You think it’s bad that you missed it, but are you completely sure it is bad? Maybe the plane would crash or maybe you’ll now meet someone you else would not have met.

Another example, you might worry that you loose your job. But that’s in the future so you don’t know yet if it will happen. Even if it would happen, you don’t know if that’s a bad thing. Maybe you get a much better job later.

Whatever you worry about; work, a relationship, friends or family, in most cases that you worry, you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen and if that’s good or bad. It sounds easier than it is, but if you can stand still for a moment and realise that you don’t know, it can help you lighten op.

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