Food for the soul

July 1, 2015

I just bought another cd of Ludovico Einaudi, my favourite musician of all time. And I realised again that a lot of my money is spend on books and music. People spend money on all kinds of things: a house, a car, traveling. Sometimes I feel bad about spending a lot of money, but I do feel good about the fact that it’s spend for a big part on two sources of inspiration.

Books and music are a good investment I think, since they can inspire you and teach you new things. In my last blogpost, about two months ago, I wrote about how nothing soothes the soul like a walk at the beach. More and more I realise that if the beach is the number one thing for your soul, music must be number two. I listen to a lot of music online, but when I think some music is really good, I like to buy the album. A digital album since you don’t have many record stores anymore, but instead of streaming music, I like to own it. Having a good collection of music is like having a big book case full of good books you can pick from anytime, something that makes me happy and inspires me.

One of the last albums I bought is I giorni from Einaudi, some of the best music I ever heard. I started with piano lessons almost a year ago and although it goes slow and it’s challenging, when I listen to the music of Einaudi, I get inspired to keep going. What music inspires you?

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