Meeting new people

June 1, 2014

I love to meet new people. It’s one of the reasons I like to travel so much. Everywhere you go there are different people with unique lives and backgrounds. And if you’re not a traveler, there is no problem since there are a lot of people in your town too that you have never met. It’s just sometimes easier to connect I think when you’re away from your own place.

The other day I was sitting in a restaurant when an older man was walking in. I started a conversation with him and not much later he was sharing his life story. He was 74 years old, though looked in his early sixties and had also traveled a lot to America. He’d been at places that are still on my list and did things I’m still dreaming of like traveling to Alaska and flying in a small plane. He told me about his life and friends and what had happened through the years. I really enjoyed listening to his stories and at the end he told me he enjoyed it too. Telling all those things made him realise he actually had done a lot.

This morning I was sitting in a coffee place when I got to talk to a lady next to me with her daughter of nine years old. They had traveled a lot too and had many interesting stories. After living in London they now moved back to Utrecht. It was so cool, especially to talk with the little girl who spoke English fluently with a British accent and was now learning Dutch. It impresses me how smart some kids are at a young age. The conversation inspired me a lot. The lady encouraged me to keep traveling and to always stay adventurous.

I love conversations like this. People are so interesting and all unique. Everyone is walking his or her own path and from time to time paths will cross. Whenever that happens, don’t hesitate but take the chance to meet a new person. You’ll never know what you’ll learn from it, how much it’ll inspire you or that maybe you’ll find a new friend in life.

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