The art of doing nothing

April 26, 2014

How often are you sitting still, doing nothing? I don’t mean sitting and watching a movie or playing with your phone. Just sitting at a couch, maybe with a drink and doing nothing. This may sound simple or boring to you, but I found out that in my life those moments are pretty rare.

I’m a driven person, always pushing myself and doing something. Even on a holiday I make plans to do things and see as much as possible. It’s only when my feet are really hurting that I start to take things a little slower. It’s at those moments when I deliberately decide to sit still and do nothing that I really come to rest.

Maybe I’m the only one for who it’s challenging to sit still and do nothing, but I’ve found that I really cherish those moments. Moments when I don’t have to do anything and can just let my mind wander. It feels like putting all that’s on my shoulders away for a while and just let go of everything. That may sound a bit vague, but for a driven person it can be a big step and really freeing.

I think the essentials of doing nothing are to relax in the moment, accepting that right now you don’t have to do anything and can just enjoy this time. Right now is all that counts, later you can do many things again, but this moment you’re doing nothing. And I think that’s an art.

One of my moments of doing nothing, earlier this week in Valencia:

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