One year of UI Design – Day 12

April 25, 2014

After a long weekend of holiday I decided to continue the One Year of UI Design story today. Some time ago one of my clients told me it would be great to have a nice tool to publish one message to several places at the same time. At Media Injection our system has such a thing, but it’s part of a much bigger system. I thought it would be nice to create a new design for a multi destination composer. I made a sketch this morning and discussed it with a colleague. He liked it, though immediately came with feedback: sending pictures also need to be in there. So that is some improvement to make another time.

For now is here the first sketch: on top you can click on the logo’s of the networks where your message should go and then you start writing your message in the box below. If you want to make specific changes for the different networks, you can click on the tabs to go to the message of that network and make changes only for that destination. Below the text-field there will be a preview area and I think it would be cool if the preview automatically changes when you switch to a different tab. I think a tool like this could be really helpful on it’s own, since it provides just one service for you: publishing your message to multiple channels.


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