One year of UI Design – Day 11

April 17, 2014

Every designer needs inspiration and so I decided to use today to make a selection of the most beautiful interfaces I’ve found so far. I love to regularly spend some time at Dribbble and Pinterest to collect inspiring designs. Since today is day eleven, I thought it would be nice to make a selection of eleven designs:

Windows 8 Day Mode
Why I like it: It’s clean. It’s super clean. Only showing the things needed and nothing further. I’ve used this design a lot as inspiration for my work at Media Injection.

Windows 8 Night Mode
Why I like it: Same as above. I think it’s great if you offer your users a light and a dark version, so you provide a style for both preferences.

Why I like it: I like the warm colours and simplicity, the clear statistics and the well-located log in the left bottom.

Mochila Mail manufactured
Why I like it: Again because of the cleanness, but also because it’s a different way of replying than common in mail-apps. Replying under the message instead of on top.

Google Redesign
Why I like it: It’s a nice and clean collection of several services in one screen. I also like the sharp icons and font in the sidebar and the coloured borders on top and bottom of the sidebar.

Why I like it: This design just invites you to read. The font, font-size and line height are well chosen which provides great readability.

Why I like it: Just like the third design in this list, I really like the warm colours.

Why I like it: Some apps just have a lot of information. It can be challenging to bring that all together in one design. This app has much content, but is still very organised.

Mail App
Why I like it: In this time where everything is flat design, I also like to still see some not flat designs. I like the thin menu bar on the top with the slight gradient.

Roost Dashboard
Why I like it: The app is completely full screen. There are no borders, but the colours of the main screen just fill up til the edge. Again warm colours and clean graphs. Also the sidebar is good organised and sharp designed.

Why I like it: Flat design is challenging. It’s about finding a balance between keeping things simple and not dull. This design is quite minimalistic, but the colours make sure it’s not boring.

I think you can learn a lot from looking at others and form your own opinion about what you like and what you would do different. One step further would be to think about why the designers would have made things in a certain way. Think about why things are designed the way they are, what you like about it and how you might do it different.

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