One year of UI Design – Day 8

April 11, 2014

Let me start by saying that this project in still in concept stage and that the design is far from ready. It’s just a visualisation of thoughts and still need a lot of work.

Having that said, I feel free to show you the design of today. It’s the sketch from the other day worked out into a first design in Photoshop. I used an iPhone 5s mockup to present the design as an app and borrowed the coffee cups from another place. I think it would be nice to have different cups for each drink.

The aim of this app is to make ordering a coffee on your way as easy as possible. You choose your location, decide what you want to drink, you order, you pay and walk to your local coffee place to pick up your cup of happiness. The design is still very minimalistic and although that keeps everything clean and simple, I still miss the atmosphere of a Starbucks. Maybe a jazzy background-music would help? 😉

A possible solution could be to have a full-screen (blurred) background photo of a random Starbucks. I think that would add more of the Starbucks experience, though the location selector with pictures would need some redesign again. I could definitely spend a lot more time on this one. Probably somewhere down the road of this year of UI Design it’ll come back some times.


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