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April 2, 2014

Last Tuesday I woke up super happy without a reason. The feeling lasted practically the whole day and when I went to bed at night I was still smiling. The next mornings I woke up just normal again and that made me think. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up excited every day? Some people might think I’m naturally always happy. I think I’m more positive than most people, but just like everyone it can also a challenge for me to set the right mood for the day.

So I did some research and read some interesting articles about how to wake up happy. There were some great tips there, like doing (at least) one thing you love everyday. That sounds really simple, but I believe it’s very profound and can make a difference. Like I wrote before, many people just go through life on an automatic pilot. If you know you’re gonna do at least one thing that you love doing, then you have something to look forward to and you’ll wake up with expectancy.

I read more about sleeping and waking up and stumbled upon an article that advocated waking up earlier. If you have trouble waking up when the alarm clock goes, I can really recommending reading it. One of the things the writer of that article stated was that if you wake up everyday (7 days a week) at the same time, your body will get into the rhythm and you’ll start to wake up more automatically. You know those days when you wake up just before the alarm clock? Isn’t that just an awesome feeling?

Since we’ve turned our clocks one hour forward this weekend and the night was shorter anyway, I thought this would be a great time to start with waking up early. I have to admit it felt a bit insane to wake up at 6AM at a Sunday morning, but it was actually really nice. Being up while most people are still sleeping and having suddenly more time in the morning is a great feeling. I did my exercises, had breakfast and wrote two blog posts just before and around sunrise.

In the articles I read, the writer said that he won up to 90 minutes per day by just waking up at the same time everyday. Even if you only win 30 minutes a day, that’s already more than 180 hours per year. That’s more than four full-time weeks of work! What are things you would love to do, but never find the time for? Maybe just setting your alarm clock half an hour earlier will give you all the time you need. This way you catch two birds with one rock: you’ll wake up happier (because you wake up more naturally if you do it consistently) and you have more time to do things you love doing. I’m just starting with it now and still have to see how it’s going to be, but I’m excited about it and looking forward to mornings to come!


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