Office redecoration

March 31, 2014

This weekend we redecorated our office at Media Injection. I’m very interested in office design and enjoy looking at how great companies like Google have designed their offices. So when my colleague Bob asked me to help with the redecoration, I didn’t have to think twice about it.

We started with sketching it all out on a big piece of paper. We shuffled with the desks and took many details in consideration, like how the entrance would look if new people enter the office and how we could minify the noise as much as possible. After two sketches we agreed on the new arrangement and picked a date to make it all happen.

It was a whole day of work, but the results are really exciting. Where first the office was quite cluttered and teams were sitting very close next to each other, it’s now better organised. There is more space and even room for more people. We also got ourselves a nice tree.

I find it interesting how a redecoration can be such an improvement. I think there are some lessons to be learned. Your current office (or life situation) may look ok to you, but perhaps it can be much better with just some little changes. Our office looked nice and well, but there was room for improvement. After a well-planned redesign, it’s so much better. The work space is better used, sound is diminished, teams are more united and overall the office has become more comfortable.

What changes can you make to improve your life? Maybe it’s as little as waking up half an hour earlier in the morning or doing some daily exercises. Or maybe also improving your workplace? As little as placing a nice lamp at your desk can make a difference. There is always room for improvement, look for where you can make things better.


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